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At one of the large retail tax preparation firms, your return may be prepared by someone who is exceptionally qualified or someone who is not.  Also, if you ask "how much will it cost?", the answer that you get will be "well, it depends".  After you have spent the better part of an hour listening to upselling of add on products and signing countless documents, you are presented with a fee that seems to get higher as your refund gets larger. 

At Cleverdog, your return is personally prepared by an IRS Enrolled Agent with 20+ years of experience. There is no upselling of add on products and we will give you an upfront estimate of our fee after a brief conversation.  With our Pay-By-Refundyou can have our fee deducted from your refund. 

Individual Returns

Simple or complex.  We will take the time to explain your tax return and help you plan for the future.  Our preference is to meet with you face to face, but today's technology gives us the ability to work completely remote if that is better for your schedule.

I.R.S. Enrolled Agent – Licensed with unrestricted rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.
Business Returns

This is our specialty.

IRS Problems?

Radio and tv adds promise to reduce IRS debts to pennies on the dollar when in fact, the IRS last reported that only 40% of the OIC applications were accepted.  Don't pay them thousands upfront.

Make an appointment with Cleverdog for a free consultation and together we will determine how to resolve your IRS situation.

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